Welcome Eagles Members!

Congradulations to our Kids Dreams Come True raffle ticket winners! 



  1. Tim Helget                #0163                $1000
  2. Ann Ellingson           #1010                $1000
  3. Don Pulac                  #0283               $1000
  4. David Holt                 #0948                $1000
  5. Matt Oneil                 #0788               $1000
  6. Ron Moffit                 #1147               $1000
  7. Jim Stellphug             #0861              $1000
  8. Tricia Katzenberger  #0659              $1000
  9. Terry Fiedler              #0695              $1000
  10. Ken Long                    #0406              $1000
  11. Bri Moen                    #0181               $500
  12. Tom Mickelson         #1131               $500
  13. Candice Adams         #0720               $500
  14. Sandy Brinkman       #0554               $500
  15. Rich Bennett             #0628               $500
  16. Kaley Ketchum         #1181                $500
  17. Sam Rudlong             #0729               $500
  18. Greg Strauss              #1074               $500
  19. Bruce Tanberg           #0590               $500
  20. Wendy Lueth             #0744               $500


 Hello Eagles patrons! We just want to remind everyone that we are still open for business with our usual dinner and lunch specials, even with the new masking indoors mandate. With this new rule, you only have to wear your mask walking into/out of the building, to the rest room, or to the pull tab booth. If you are seated at the bar or your table, you do not have to wear your mask. Another reminder that if you choose to eat outside, you do not need a mask at all. The Eagles relies on everyones continued support and business to stay afloat! We understand that this is a frustrating time for everyone, but are doing our best to stay positive and hope that you can all do the same! We appreciate you all and your continued support during this difficult time.

The Eagles Club is open to Members and Non Members

People Helping People.


The goal of our nonprofit organization from Rochester is to help.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles uphold and nourish the values of home, family, and community that are so necessary and it
seems so often get ignored and tramples in today's society.


Have you ever thought about how much you
could change things just by volunteering?


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