Available during all hours of operation.


 Pull tabs and E-Tabs available at the window.

Pull tabls also available in the machine. 

13 boxes to play



We also the Minnesota State Lottery!

Scratch offs and all lottery games available. 


*BINGO will start back up on 9/30/23*


 *Saturdays starting at 1pm & Wednesdays @ 7pm

*Packets are $25 for all games, extra coverall tickets will be sold until the end of the midway break.

*NEW! Hotball number = $500 (max 1 per session)

 *7 calls or less games = $200 (max 1 per session)


Please note: For 90% Bingo days - If you are saving seats and they are not filled by Noon, we will ask that you let other individuals use those seats as we fill up quickly and want to allow as many people as possible to participate. Thank you!